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How does the filter Rolls looks and what it is used for? It is prepackaged, a little longer filter, which is divided into two parts: inside the longer is hidden "classic" filter made of special materials that have evolved over many years with one goal: to capture as many pollutants and pass as many "not harmful ", ie those substances that we inhale. The second part, which gives direction to the mouth, then it is uniquely designed with special cooling system, which is laser engraved with several rows of holes, which sucks fresh air in puffs and then pleasantly cools down the smoke.

Not for use with tobacco ... Please note our products are not designed for rolling of tobacco cigarettes but for joints. 

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We need your help! Changing filters is one of the ways to make contact with youth at risk and inform her about the health risks associated with excessive use of "whatever". By buying Rolls contribute to prevention programs aimed at reducing the risk:

Cooling System

Unique laser technology created "cooler" allows smoke to regulate in temperature, so you can enjoy your herbal mixture.

Suction of Papers

The holes in the top part create a vacuum around the perimeter of the filter and the mixture always has "great draught".

Waste Elimination

When used correctly Rolls are able to eliminate most impurities, and can stop many more harmful substances passing through than normal filters.

Easy to Roll

Rolls are designed in an optimal size, they are easy to roll and easy to hold, wrap 1/2 of the filter inside the rolling paper and continue as usual.

Available in three sizes.





Golden moments with Shine ™
Exclusive Shine 24k Rolling Paper. Pure 24 carat gold provides an unforgettable experience and is the perfect gift for every occasion!

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