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Secret Code 420 - in the footsteps of history (1.)

It's difficult to find what to do with 420 different numeric expression and compare them. 411 or 911? Lucky 7? Devilish 666? 3 God? Sexual 69? Or tragic 9/11 or LSD-25? Or even infinite 3.1416? While these numbers are significant, they never not express what is reflected in the community numbers around 420. Most smokers, probably adopted as the fact that 420 originated in San Rafael, California, Steve Waldo, who used the phrase "420 Louie" in high school. Waldo used it as a secret code to re

Horoscope ☯ Element Air

Element air- Gemini (5.22-21.6.)- Balance (9.23-10.23)- Aquarius (1.21-20.2) No one can tell where you ten minutes. Let alone for a few weeks or months. It's not that you were fickle. You have an endless fountain of more or less crazy ideas, which, however, leaving as fast as you can think of - of course, if it appears on the horizon for something better. Try to do something sometimes hold on a second! GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)In your head is hiding more celebrities at once, which is enough

Horoscope ☯ Element Water

Element Water- Cancer (22.6-22.7.)- Scorpio (24.10-11.22)- Fish (2.21-20.3) You are the greatest thinkers and visionaries, thanks to which we as a slimy fish moved from the oceans to the palm began to use typography instead of pen and ink and iPhone instead of Nokia. Remember the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, like a monkey at the beginning of the opening sequence finds out that the bones can do anything pound? That's it - you are explorers and pioneers.   CANCER (June 21 - July 22) Experien

Horoscope ☯ Element Earth

Earth element- Taurus (4.21-21.5.)- Panna (23.8-22.9.)- Capricorn (22.12.-01.20) Quiet strength. Assurance and solid ground, which everyone needs from time to time. But also the physicality, sex and the benefits - it's all your domain. You are the ideal partners for a Sunday afternoon when everyone throbbing head and needs a rest. I do not care what will happen sometime in the future - you know how to rejoice in the world that you are here and now. From All the elements have the greatest pot

Horoscope ☯ Element Fire

Element Fire- Aries (3.21-20.4.)- Lion (23.7-22.8.)- Sagittarius (11.23-21.12.) There are not more action and more inclusive of people than you. It will take you everywhere, you can not miss anything on the Internet and you are one of those few percent of active who are still in discussions and contribute not only to read them. When you want to do something, so just go and take it. The question is not how you do it, but when it will happen.   ARIES (March 21 - April 19) Your arrogance and

Awards Cannafest © Best product

International Hemp Fair Cannafest this year enters its fourth year. For three years he built the position of European leader between industry- oriented trade fairs . Can not just for the great interest of foreign exhibitors , for which the Czech Republic is an interesting market , but also the quality of training and the accompanying program. This year, in addition to Incheba in the Prague center will present on 8 - 10th November 2013 a record number of exhibitors.Visitors can enjoy more than 15

Smart Filter in services

---GOOGLE TRANSLATE--- Health has become an important tool of the "harm reduction", which realizes the streetwork a number of organizations such as Prevent, bridge to hope, Czech Red Cross, RIAPS, Helping Hands or the Diocesan Charity or more. Contact campaigns of these organizations are well-known to the public - their focus on "non injectors" is new. "Even though a lot of problems in the world, there are many ways to cope." Join the risk reduction program! Fill online Poll:

The most famous girl from the poster. "Some like it hot?" (1.)

Unbound playfulness of colors, understated, minimalist bathing suit or shorts of which looks endless piece of perfect legs. Underline the impression distinctive lips and eyes that men can read their every desire. Meet, pin up girl - a girl from the poster. Apparently it all started back paintings "Venus" on the walls of prehistoric caves. Modern times imprinted natural feminine curve on workers' locker doors, walls, factories and military quarters. Admit it, who you've had over the bed you? Bri

Chicken in garters - Duck rilettes

Regular blog Nina Řeháčková, hipsterky, moms 2 guys and a great cook. "Inspires everywhere around you. It's not just about a specific place, it is also a situation that I happen during the day. I prefer writing posts along with recipes that day and cook over which they think. I cook to your taste, taste or friends of my children. "  Duck rilettes This meat spreads in the 15th century from the Touraine region of the Loire. This is not pate how someone might mistakenly domívat but wonderfu

The largest international hemp fair in Europe!

---GOOGLE TRANSLATE--- Traditionally, this year will come from all over the world on November 9 to 11 at the Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice supporters cannabis subculture. In three days, there are more than 130 exhibitors from 18 countries will present their products in the categories of Growing Seeds, Natural Resources, accessories, media, institutions and Art. Cannafest Prague 2012 again saw increased interest of foreign exhibitors, and so are already sold out Central Hall and Right Wing

Lukáš Běhal: legalizes America, Europe will follow

"People are finally starting to realize that cannabis is one of the most versatile plants," says the head of the Czech hemp fair.    What is Cannafest? Fairs, festivals, meetings?The fair because it takes place on the traditional exhibition space, the show everything for hemp, festival evokes the name itself, and as far as meetings: we are represented 170 companies from 20 countries around the world. We hold three-day conference, where they will perform 25 speakers from doctors, patients a

Herbs for smoking or vaporization and their therapeutic effects (1.)

What's going on? Release of the active substance and herbs absorb them into the body. Essential oils, essences, and other potentially beneficial compounds in plants occur in the solid state. The base is heated to a certain temperature is below the burning point, change to the gaseous state and, if possible, with the least amount of other impurities is inhaled. Thus liberated substances are used both for relaxation but also for therapeutic or preventive purposes. Neinhalujete smoke containing che

Medical Cannabis Conference - Czech in year one

Medical Cannabis Conference - Czech in year one Expert conference on "Medical cannabis and its application in practice" will take place on 4 to 7 March in Prague. Therapeutic cannabis after many, many years made his way onto the shelves of Czech pharmacies, but the battle is far from. Despite the global trend, making maximum use of medicinal substances in cannabis plants and cannabis decriminalization ever remains in Czech companies are very strong views conservative approach: doctors are afra