Bong not only for gourmets

Three years ago, David drove Smoketown shop specializing in glass bongs, which then expanded by a stone shop in Prague Nusle. What are the benefits bong, bongs what are the best and how to recognize them? Ask the Experts ...


Smoketown exactly what it does?
It is the first modern headshop for smokers in the Czech Republic and currently offers the widest range of about glass bongs manufactured in Spain, Holland, the United States or Germany.

No Czech? That's glassmaking tradition finally died?
So far, unfortunately, there is Czech bongs. Have at least a year and a half but we are looking for a company that would like us could make individual orders.

They touched you somehow infamous raid against growshopům?
We opened about two months before these raids. GROWSHOP had to be separated as a result of their smoking needs of the growing, if not done before. But we from the beginning to specialize purely smoking area.

What are the advantages bong?
Speed. Bong is a fast reception of data in a very short time. Moreover, it is much cleaner way of smoking compared to paper or pipe. Of course, as regards the harmfulness, you can not compare bong with vaporization, but a substantial part of the water contaminants also filters. Additionally, the current trend is a greater amount hladinek, today's smokers are not enough one classical dome bongs are equipped with several zones and perkulacemi.

What a perfect use liquid?
Best is pure water. It says that should not be completely ice, it's apparently a good neck. Americans also tend to use lukewarm water, but generally depends on individual taste. Personally, I would say that the colder the water, the better the taste.

The extent to which the individual bongs different?
Much is now flying various modifications bong from size after different amounts perkulací or individual dimension cauldron.

What sells the most?
We are currently the most successful Dutch brand Grace Glass, which offers a thick-walled with glass bongs thick from five to seven millimeters. It is rather an accessory designer, produced in many different colors and with the help of various glass technologies such as narrowing or rounding.

For the production is used pyrex?
Must of course be as resistant as possible, ideally borosilicate, and heat resistant.

Which country could be seen as a Mecca for bongs?
At present, these are certainly the United States, there are more popular than long bongs papers. And I specifically bongs, pipes do not need or šlukovky.

Sell and water pipes?
Of course, they have evolved bongs and our customers often longs for them. We also need příslušeniství, as well as other smoking accessories, grinders, or a wide range of papers.

Sell more papers than bongs?
For us it is sixty to forty for bongs, maybe even more like seventy to thirty.

And where they sell more on the Internet or in the stone shop?

Today, probably more in our store in Prague Legerova. For the less experienced customers is obviously better to come to look into the store, still can see everything and try and find help. For the advanced course, it is more convenient to shop online.

It happens that the offspring will send parents to buy him a gift as a bong?
Before Christmas, it happens quite often ...

They make even a pocket bongs, or must necessarily be bulky?
Clearly not. They make folding bongs, allow standard decomposed into three parts and supplied with a briefcase. The size is then vary from twenty centimeters necessary to meter and more.

But it needs to be cleaned regularly ...
Most people who buy a bong, it creates a certain relationship. But of course there are others as unclean bong and a half year or a year it fired. That's why we also offer glass bongs at prices ranging from 220 crowns to need seven thousand. A more expensive bongs their users certainly are cleaned regularly.

We offer several kinds of products čistícíhc, those classic contain isopropyl alcohol. But producing BioCleaner is already giving you the bong right after cleaning use.

Solves your customers health consequences of smoking?
Definitely. If they were just stoned them, by buying the cheapest utilities, and certainly would not think of devices for hundreds of dollars. In addition, most of our sales make up just more expensive and better models with more perkulacemi.

Do you offer custom manufacturing?
Unfortunately, no. But I believe that we offer a lot of things spesializovaných. We seek the most current bid, we follow international trends and strive to expand the local market. There are not selling things that are elsewhere in the market and perhaps more than a decade. Everything evolves, and progress, of course, does not avoid bongům. When we started three years ago, nobody here can not offer such a range as we do.

What are the current trends?
The biggest trend is perkulátory, which can be purchased for classic bong and modify it. Or you can buy a bong with more liquid levels and more perkluačnímí zones. Even the perkulátory are divided into different types, such spiral or perkulační tree. Multistorey bongs more cool and easier to clean each perkluátor also means cleaner smoke.

What plays a major role in choosing - design, functionality or price?
The main criterion is usually the size. Then about mnnožství haldinek and on budget then our customers are happy to help you choose the best. Designa certainly plays a role, too, but certainly to the size and cost bong.

It has a larger share of the cost bong brand manufacturer or material?
Again, it's more about the size and then of course material until then about the brand. For the price of a key glass thickness. Maybe the German company G Spot also has a ISO certified and offers a borosilicate glass in a proprietary blend Panzerschliff. This is glass with which you can drive nails.

Unbreakable bong?
Each glass is breakable, but that bong are parts which are actually unbreakable. Also worth from two and a half to five thousand and has no perkulaci. G Spot goes purely classical German designs Simple is good ... Certainly, you can also minimize mess and can be easily cleaned.

Where you can meet Smoketown, perhaps busy with summer festivals?
Last year, not much, but for this year we decided to change the situation and set out for sure. Let's need to Roll it and we have a lot of festivals dalšch rozejdnaných, during February we want gash. Find us on Facebook, of course, and soon we started sponsoring the selected athletes.

Still here we have the best in terms of relation to smoking marijuana?
Anyway, still leads in consumption per number of inhabitants. In our store, it must be divided by age beautifully, customers from twenty to thirty prefer bongs and thirties to their sixties need to come to us for vaporizers.