Sexy test with herbs

You want to know what your plant and what it means to you in your sex life? Take the following test.

1. What is your idea of the perfect romantic night out?
a) vs. Sparta Slavia TV
b) playing a show feather from old VHS tapes
c) sex with a random stranger
d) with the book and green tea
e) in the pub with friends

2. What do you and drugs?
a) Drugs are bad
b) What are drugs?
c) Zahulíme, see
d) I have just returned from Bohnice
e) I have just returned from the castle

3. What do you do when the quarrel with a partner?
a) I'll pack your bags and move out
b) closes the toilet and cry
c) I'll shut herself in the bathroom and puke
d) throws him / her dishes
e) I'll call your mom and postěžuju

4. What is your opinion on natural cosmetics?
a) use it only LESANA and biomatky
b) I have never tried it (and) so I do not know
c) Periodically, anointing the body of broth from ear babského
d) bathe in the blood of virgins
e) I've never errs

5. What is your relationship to your job?
a) I hate it and I feel it every day to go kill
b) I serve it there, but I do not know what he was doing
c) I have a relationship with my boss and I do not care
d) I love my job and I would die for her
e) I do not work

6. Do you remember your first sex?
a) No, it was autodeflorace frozen mackerel
b) I would like to recall, but I was under the influence of alcohol and not remember anything
c) Yes, it was beautiful and there were several people
d) Yes, it happened in a chalet near the fireplace like in the movie
e) No, it hurt.

7. What is your relationship with your children?
a) The children would rather stay away from the body.
b) I hate children
c) I would like to have at least 13 children
d) I already have 13 children
e) I will not discuss it, I do not want to shut me

8. You are eighth in sex more passionate or self-righteous?
a) Yesterday I slept with it
b) For several years I have not had sex (a)
c) I like it when nothing Furniture
d) One time I broke (a) leg having sex in a car
e) I do this only as missionaries under the covers with a towel under your ass

9. Who is your biggest sex symbol?
a) Marilyn Monroe
b) Marilyn Manson
c) Angela Merkel
d) Dana Drábová
e) Megan Fox

10. Believes tests in magazines?
a) Yes, the result of this test significantly affect the rest of my life.
b) No, no I will not do evaluation
c) This is a test in the magazine?
d) Yes, you read in a magazine, it is true.
e) No, I was indifferent to everything.

The results:
Option A - 1 point, Option B - 2 points, possibilities c - 3 points, possibilities d - 4 points, the possibility of e - 5 points
10-20 points: Your personal herb wormwood is. Ideal for sex is for you cramped space like an elevator, bathroom or pantry. The time when it most enjoy is between two and three o'clock in the morning.
20-30 points: Your herb St John's. This means that most sex you are taking under its influence
and on couches, beds and carpets. Your time is the fifth afternoon.
30-40 points: Your herb is nettle. It has an aphrodisiac effect on you, and logically so much release
and enjoy the meadow, in the forest or on the hillside. Ideally, around ten o'clock in the morning.
40-50 points: Your herb chamomile. You are very conservative and after drinking chamomile
Tea is favorite schoulíte under the covers and read the Bible. Basically, you never want to have sex.