Ivan Bartos: We want to share and want to enjoy it!

Get rid of illusions, we are all pirates!

The Pirate Party is slowly but surely fortifies the Czech political pond. The reason is that, despite the incredible diversity of opinion, have always managed to put the Pirates made it very clear what they want and, moreover, speaks a language that is very attractive to voters. A few days ago we MMM hemp typically piratical theme, they talked with the former chairman and current head of the media department of Ivan Bartos, and one of the most visible mascots, who himself says Pyrát Sea or Homo Pyratus.

The first question was: who will this year for the Pirates to talk MMM?
Ivan: Well, of course, everyone will get us there a lot. A political debate, I'll do the talking.
Pyrát: Well, I'll be there in the audience to ask again, like last year. I want legalization. And so it wants 90 percent of people who give a shit ointment because he heals the spirit. And I'm interested in the 90 percent of users, what is being done for these people. I went on a march before the Pirate Party, on television and filmed me how to smoke a joint ... then we went to the Old Town Square Summer ...
Ivan: ... and there I sat next to Pavel Nemec, the then head of the Union of Freedom ... they had relied on this alternative card and terribly burnt. We like Pirates were in the beginning, too much caution. But times have moved, and if we want to really liberalize society, it is also important in the freedom of choice of treatment. People relax with a beer and everyone's sausage. Why not relax with a joint, too? We now have harsher rhetoric - yes, we accept medical cannabis, but we want to go that route when there is no crime or for cultivating oneself. Similarly, it is also in gambling - why vending machines are banned and not banned lotto, in which virtually no one wins?

Well, maybe it's because the lottery because nobody lost a house and clean it from dependence on the lottery in Bohnice ...

Ivan: I see in Michle female who every morning lotto bet. And if you take fourteen pins, so it's a problem ...
Pyrát: Well, it would be enough if this Pirates copied from somewhere. If I got the chance, I'd legalize weed. I would show people examples where it works, I'd say it's changed so and so, here on this earn, crime has fallen ...
Ivan: There is no rational reason why cannabis is not legal. I watch all the debates that are of concern, and the reason for such strict policy simply does not.

And the reason is more cultural?
Ivan: It just keeps unpopular topic that meets awareness among people. Whenever a such a serious topic such as hemp, seizes any political entity, it will lose votes of people who just are not liberal. My mom 10 years ago legalization understood, and when I told her now that she will give a joint to calm down, and she says immediately: "So you have now stopped drinking and started to take drugs?" She eats actively propaganda on television and is the classic clamshell.
Pyrát: The ship simply sails, although we do not know where complements. Those kids are smarter than their parents .... I've never been necessary policies, although of course the Pirate party is a lot of things that I want to promote, such as - for example - the question of legalization, basic income, transparent accounting ... So I added to it, but my nature tells me clearly: everyone We pirates. Everybody needs his treasure in the Caribbean.

It is often said that every pirate transmitter is. Pirates are also in need - in addition to active membership base - need personalities?
Pyrát: We are copying the system a lot, because we have the top of the pyramid. It's needed, but you need to constantly listen to people who are down. There it stands - the pyramid is hard to break down from above. But I rather prefer the number of times between the flags chudejma pirátama. Those rich, who have the nose up, but I'm not surprised: they do devote a lot of time and energy, and therefore do not accept the povalečskou part of the Caribbean.
Ivan: When we organized Piratecon, there was a representative of the Pirates of Tunis. There needs to be regularly rotated the functions, including the speaker, and when a person certifies not get another chance. Because if you show that you have no talent for something, it is nonsense to give you the same job again, or expect to attain a different result.

But back to back on cannabis: why do you like Pirates at MMM? After all, here is your right cílovka, and I heard voices truly as "these people will vote for us anyway." That may not be true, even though they have their sympathetic attitude towards cannabis.

Ivan: Look, I need to be going to a concert in sweatshirt and infantry boots and morning převlíknu work shirt. A lot of people who come to MMM, it is necessary alike. The people there are very While for legalization, but politically elect whoever they prepare better tax conditions or who allow them to do business better. For these people, the subject of legalization important, but it does not win elections.
Pyrát: when I persuade voters, so it got really far simpler. I do not promote the defacto policy because normal people do not care about politics. Each of us has ever wanted to go to the bank and rob her! We differ on how to do it. Someone wants to be the invisible, someone wants to dig a tunnel, someone wants to riddle inside - every story is different, but they all maj. I believe in pirátskýho spirit - for me this is the right policy. I already depleted of illusions here, and I wish to get rid of them and others.

People often say "we want legalization, we do not commerce," and proponents of this argument also given as an example of the current trend legalization in some US states. But there it is all built on commerce and tax collection.
Pyrát: But we do not have to copy the US model at all costs. In Spain, for instance, they have social clubs, where groups can cultivate hemp together. It's been a long time since I was there but I was just so when approached. And I'm still waiting when someone in the Pirate Party bribes this mud pies.

How do you explain the current popularity of the Pirates?
Pyrát: Because we're sexy. For any company. When I would be in Brussels, we came to the market, there was an incredible amount of all races and cultures, sheer indulgence. Everywhere I go in this hat and looking like a pirate, too, now I have them still there distributing the advertising of the euro and stamp Homo Pyratus ... then they saw me, they all shouted, clapped and laughed ... so just simply because of the symbol of the Pirates (or pirate) encouraging more.

Hey, while you're talking about the masses, but everything you do with them ... defacto vyčleňuješ such individuality in the crowd.

Pyrát: Well, that's why I prefer between the men bezejmenejma pirátama. Because they are so impressionable chasing anything, be it money, career ... Of course there are those who have already found their Caribbean, and can share it. And I consider myself one of them.
Ivan: Well, even though today I go to quite a good job, so I'm just like everyone else plebs grew up and forget about it. I go to the same music, we interact with people ... stejnejma those pirates already are 6 years old, and they all grow older. I can work with everyone, but with someone I do not. I listen to opinions, but when that opinion is stupid, so just run over him. Unable to please all the people, and someone that responsibility must be assumed.


What exactly is the 'Pirates of the so-called drugs?
Ivan: I always řešíš how to draw a given goal, and take the road that best suits you. Some are more effective, some are less effective. Robert Veverka, Dusan Dvorak, Bushka Bryndová .. each has its way. And given what I have said above, I never seem to be sufficient political will to make the current state something fundamentally changed. Therefore this confrontational approach. We need to be involved in this year's MMM and co-organize a political debate on the subject. We think that the journey is a presentation of what they can in a very real sense to change something, before very large audience. I must be pleased that last year (and this year), there was a representative of perhaps the most conservative party in the country. I respected him but he was able to appear before Hulice 10,000 and tell them that they disagree with the legalization. But it is a party member who can actually change something. And it is our greatest weapon - provoke debate. But also to combine efforts - even in legalizačním movement, there are many entities that compete with each other. We have long term cooperation with MMM organizer, Robert Veverka. We used dohádali too, but that's natural. And last year behind us stood.

Do not go around the bush - how did it on drugs by the Pirates?
Ivan from bottom, membership, program prohlašováváme points. That includes a legalization program - medical cannabis samopěstitelství ... and we certainly reclassify intoxicants by the harm, because today it is obviously wrong.

You two are under construction completely different philosophy. For a total freedom and anarchy, for the second reform of the current system. Are you willing and able to agree on common ideas and pull together?

Ivan: That no doubt. I want a company that will enable Pyrátovi seaweed live as he imagines, although I think that his way towards our common goal to lead. But there are things that we are the same: we want to share, and we want to enjoy it. One should also not be afraid of the world.
Pyrát: No Fear is a very basic sense one man wanting to kill. And that I'm a Pirate loved, because it can motivate people as well as good things. They just do not have these bureaucratic motherfuckers always win. That bureaucracy is simply wrong, someone would still forbid someone something ... and I think that children are smarter than their parents. I'm like a child playing with a rattle, now they are playing and tablets.
And it certainly will be one vote Pirates!
Ivan: It is because of this fear people have to know that it will be good. They neurvou at once and do not become true pirates from day to day. I'm going at it the way that they say: that freedom is here, and it is freedom, rest in peace.
Pyrát: The company has just changed only when war or revolution. And if the revolution, I hope to be in those days at the helm!