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Perception of tattoos company develops, perhaps literally every year, as well as in various contemporary bands changing popularity of different motives, of course, continuously improved technical capabilities tater themselves and appear various new styles of tattoos, which are before anyone even dreamed of.


Who would have thought some 30 years ago when, on several occasions through the streets of our cities massaged the armed fist of the working class in the windows and waved red flags that someday, when you call to line 158, and from podrukávu one of příševších policemen will peep skull evil clown lined with Roman numerals on the resort welcomes nurse with a star cluster on the forearm and on the other hand sober undertaker will tattoo machines "unkissed".

If we ignore the full period of darkness, far before the Velvet Revolution, when the tattooed ink, vermilion, soot etc. (And motifs together with the final result of the efforts that also corresponded to the Tatras) and in the nineties, which can also be called an exaggeration Decade 'list "tattoománie, the course is really mainly stereotyped decals from catalogs, which were each studio properly equipped and the customer, in most cases, looking for basically any tattoo was literally in heaven.

How tatoo scene grow strong, he improved the naturally, came the apostles increasingly sophisticated work, particularly in realistic tattoos and slowly getting into the course and colorful tattoos. Today the fact that the vast majority of supporters tattoo before using anything other than black color for your tattoo slowly cruised quite funny. If someone called the current state of the tattoo scene like Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, he would certainly not aiming too next.

We can almost say that it is really possible today almost all significant recovery has brought the use of techniques such as dotwork (dotwork is a specific style of tattooing that uses dots eg. In combination with geometry)), or watercolor, many tater finally grasped the artistic dimension of their work and they started tattooing other people use it as their means of expression, created works so fantastic that it is hard to reconcile with the fact that someday disappear forever in the dustbin of history, along with their carriers.

If this is the main driving force for ever-younger crowds, tattoochtivých people a day pounding the goal of our study may be difficult to assess, but the fact is that there are more and are less and less bound by any conventions and prejudices. If this trend somehow reflects the situation in the whole society, then to some extent we can be considered as a promise of a "bright tomorrows." :-)