Legislation in the field of cannabis should give people a choice ...

MMM organizer, editor Legalization indefatigable promoter of cannabis. A guy who has his head and is not afraid. Meet Robert Veverka, who had a year with the organization MMM really struggling.

Transcript of the interview came after Robert rented for cultural part MMM Štvanice Island. "It's absolutely standard and fairness," he says over a cup of coffee materially. "I just wrote them that you want to rent it, they said yes and they told me acceptable terms. And so it should be! "The whole conversation was but roughly two weeks before, when he still did not know whether a Million Marijuana March this year, will not.

In the Czech Republic for legalization care of two groups of people. One interested in medical cannabis, which is a big problem with a lot of sticks underfoot slowly pushing (so far is absolutely unacceptable condition), while others advocate full legalization and nothing else. In my opinion, these two directions must work together, what do you think?

It looks that people from therapeutic cannabis are my enemies, but I do not perceive it. They are involved in creating legislation that is great in that it recognized the therapeutic effects of cannabis law. At least for this promo is good. The question, however, is the availability of cannabis. And I'm a bit against the grain, if I do as an adult choice of where to get cannabis. It is simply dictate. In šatičkách democracy and freedom, but dictate when I need cannabis to draw from certain well-defined sources, which by their very limited range. That would be like me state said that the bread can go to only one bakery. For me, this is unacceptable. I therefore make a grown man could plant a flower garden without fear of possible bullying cops. And I'm not able to accept that there was legislation which on the one hand proclaims medical cannabis law, and on the other hand, held that same commodity in hiding. A push above all sick people that if they do not want to get into trouble with the law, so they have no other option than to use the inefficient, expensive and, moreover, yet poorly functioning legal way.

It is not a given but rather the imperfections of the existing legislation? On the way, it is quite hard work ...

Of course. Let's talk about prices necessary therapeutic hemp with us completely meaningless. Around 300 crowns per gram of cannabis? On the last disco in any small town, no one would dare ask such a price. On the black market in Prague gram of cannabis worth around 150 crowns. I understand that this legislation is trying to go in the right direction, but why we do not also legalize cannabis for personal use, that is able to plant, cultivate, harvest and hold without fear of possible criminal prosecution? Just as it is today with beer or wine?

The ideal model is, of course, both have allowed samopěstování and in parallel with that of cannabis in pharmacies.

It is so. Our Republic is the hemp garden, and I am glad that the association has its share Legalizace.cz. Cannabis should be completely normal and ordinary tradable commodity. Like potatoes.

Does not lead the way rather than through gradual steps than through revolution? Just for cultural reasons it may be preferable method. The two of us live in a community of people in which the answer is obvious, but the majority society it really is not tuned. (See. Interview with Ivan Bartos and Pyrátem Mořským, ed. Aut.)

Well ... that's the salami method, step by step. Still they invent complicated crap, instead of clearly said: legalization five flowers for your own use. Finish writing it into law is a job for 10 minutes! Instead they devise various legal obstruction on which spent months and even entire effort of staying longer. Until legislation that gives people the choice of how to obtain cannabis, so it's my dictatorship.

But how to convince the public?

I think that a significant portion of the public is already convinced. More important is to convince politicians since the proclamation of the truth only from the computer or at parties, legislation changes very difficult. I stood in the Chamber of Deputies, for example, to get a mandate from the people associated with it and the executive power.
Although I have no illusions about the fact that one person with a good idea is still low. But at least it is a topic of legalization could speak on a completely different level, and hardly anyone would have said: "It is those radical activists on the watch." Now we try to keep you informed through our media channels the public, that is to What we plan and what we do.

Those two things work together - the public must be informed and determined, because if he does not, and never legalization politicians do not want to not achieve.

It would be great to do in this direction nationwide referendum, however, if the possibility of such a referendum was with us. There are polls that almost all respondents were in favor of legalizing cannabis and treated by a simple majority was for full legalization. So that people understand the situation and are in principle not care if someone in the garden carrots, peppers or hemp.

Returning to the Million Marijuana March. This year is the eighteenth year ... you do MMM since 2007. As the action moved for the last 8 years?

Then when I started out, we won occupation of public spaces for organizing happening, until then played just the trucks. Otherwise, the structure of the action is the same: serene and peaceful demonstration, procession or the city center and the subsequent cultural and educational happening. Celebrating grass like plant that is not a reason to be afraid. In 2007, the last time it was held on Letna, then we started looking for another space and found the park Parukářka. These actions gradually gaining strength, intensity and number of participants - came last year 7,000 protesters parade on happening then around 15,000 people.

Are not you afraid that there vlítnu cops?

Well, after all, they go there. Protidrogovka, undercover, bourgeois - they're all there, and we know about them. We want to know what will be the course of last year we went through three boroughs and each of them had to send their Dopravák. Whether there quietly come back. During the event, nothing freaky happens - it is a peaceful affair, in contrast to the procession of football fans. At our event is several times more people and times fewer problems, or no.

Well, last year I rather say that thinking legalization of problems when I stand among the dozens of stalls selling cannabis needs, it is paradoxical. And if you need to come protidrogovka and it begins to disperse and seize, as happened with GROWSHOP.

So it could close the mayor of each city where the adjacent Zverimex with hemp seeds in the bird seed, trade books of cannabis, tobacco shop where you buy long papers and shop with garden store. And who is to blame then? The mayor? The president? When the one place side by side the so-called integrated chain of supply which, according protidrogovky crime spreading of addiction? After all the accusations against growshopům are all vycucaná of a finger. What happened and is still happening growshopům is normal police harassment and the expansion of police state. Today it is a grow tomorrow to show reggae clubs, the day after tomorrow for people with long hair and we are where we were a communist.

How could you imagine that hemp scene should look like in five years?

It should certainly celebrate the legalization of the cultivation and possession of cannabis for personal use. And I believe that within those five years, there will be a global change in legislation cannabis. In short, I hope that we will continue in our efforts and that we hemp have at least the same benefit and joy that people had before the invention of cannabis prohibition.