Sex is the last of the magic that the West remained


Funky rap philosopher and magician. Oto Klempíř and James Cole. Is divided and one half generation, however in music to understand. And their attitudes prove that some things you either have or you do not. And it does not matter if you are 30 or 50th.

Facebook now circulating diversion request "Ten albums that influenced you the most." I would like one album. That, at which there was a break, where you say: I want to make music.
Klempa: It was Fleetwood Mac, the first American plate, which in my seventies come into our hands. Until then, I was accustomed to the Sabbat, Queeny, and suddenly someone played completely differently. Thus pressuring the hymn choruses, neboostroval, there was not a solo on the drums, it was such a pleasant mainstreamovej rock. A nicely sung in takovejch jinejch keys than I was used to it. I knew by heart. Do not stop, it'll soon be here, It'll be, Better than before, Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone .... Dude, it was a bomb.
Cole: I'll tell the full provařenost, but for me it was the Beastie Boys. I listened Czech rock - I liked need Alkehol or Three Sisters, such píčoviny. Then I listened to Pantera, Biohazard, things like that. And then came the Beastie Boys, and it was such a strange thing bridging. It drew me into the hip-hop, because they were obviously one foot in punk and hardcore, the second leg in jazz ... had many feet in a lot of things and they were good instrumentalists. They were white boys who were with the genre perfectly able to cope. I caught up to the later work. Alba Check Your Head and Ill Communication. I am the Year 1984, or I was in February 30th
Have you observed during those "important" narozkách some change? I solved these divides, but only until it occurred. Vožral I and the next day I found out that I have a hangover the same as ever.
Klempa: The change, be it cultural or socio-economic and sexual previews of things to come after quanta. Never continuously. HRC - HRC - HRC. He always comes dose. The first dose of awareness on important grown-level I had needed twenty-six twenty-eight years. Then there is no revolution came. I do not take such DOBM, for me it is a crutch for people who do not know ourselves and advice they need it.
Cole: For me it is strange. I got something similar Klempa, but of course the problem is that is that those milestones, the late twenties and heart to it artificially clogging. Those that you watch their existence every day, minute by minute, and the fullest. There did not happen anything like that on the day of the birthday heaven opened and something appeared. Rather Now, as we approach th jednatřicítce, thinking about what I Silama with those zbejvaj, and what we can do in the future. When it comes to doing something, when it comes to Beit active. I'm rather depressed from the ambient pressure for me somewhere parked and I already gave you room.
When you write music, what is it different now?
Cole: I smell biggest difference is that when I was 20, I rushed there really no compromise. Badly. I lived it, I did not solve anything. It was a ride and I enjoyed every second. First Supercroo, boards before and after ... nasednul here into that boat and I frčeli. Today, after 10 to 15 albums he's not so fun. Have u so much amused.
Klempa: for this, said the legendary Frank Zappa sentence. Podkuřovali him, crawled up your ass and say, Frank, you're so brilliant music, brilliant lyrics, how are you doing? And he's like, I'll write some music and I'm glad it's over. I'll give it some words and I'm glad it's behind me. Hey ... we're doing it just for the money. Of course you did from the ass. But when it climbs out of that buds out, it's an interesting feeling. That would at it but leaping ... blbeníček bangs, knocks on blben, and convened blby "stupid, come here!" That's brilliant, I'll call it Dan! So that's exactly what they can not.
Cole: Foucault in an interview said that he writes books and says things that he's had to say and write. I was terribly kidnapped him sooner. Today, most of the time I climb on my nerves and I rather doubt themselves. Have not love so blatantly. At the beginning I was able to seize every crap. The texts we rapped on the phone ... Now it's different. I still have the joy it brings, but it's another kind of inflammation, another kind of contact, other passion.
Klempa: Have neblbneš each of shit, but you give your time. I love the students who leave those songs so many times through your head until it learns by heart. And then are moved to my level and can tell if it's good or stupid. When you listen to someone once or twice and say that he was unimpressed that there is not a chorus, punch line, there is this - those I fuck. Nobody has time today, and tell you what you make it, those I respect, whether they are from any part of the spectrum.
Oto, those composing music, writing screenplays, zabýváš the advertising, I also made a Hranaře Czech Made Man, where he had a little cameo ...
Klempa: It forced me.
... And someone you reminded me terribly.
Klempa: Tvýho guv.
My old man is mostly bald. But remembering me Marva from Sin City. He was nasvícenej so interesting.
Klempa: Really? No thank you, dear Zdenek!
Cole: Here debating píčovinách ... this we start!
Klempa: I'm the Czech Made Man wrote the screenplay of 90 percent. Ever since I admire all writers. Among filmařema Tradition has one rule: screenwriter to shoot persona non grata. From scenarios often gone nothing, they simply do with it what they want, and finally to come out the thing that you say: Dude, I wrote it I? Then I read reviews about how this is a weak script, and entirely for cock. Dude how can you write, you always say, when the script nečet?
This is a classic problem. Stanislav Lem must be terribly quarreled with Tarkovsky on Solaris, the film looked very different than a book. Heinlein wrote Starship Troopers again, where the original military hard scifi Verhoeven has done comedy for children.
Cole: I've read both books, but here the discussion is fundamentally mistaken in assuming that the book is what film and film what book. But this is a completely different league as if you compared the visual perception and auditory perception.
Klempa: It's like a symphony and rap. Therefore, one of the few ads that I liked, even if it was stolen, called "Read it before it authorizes Hollywood". And there was Jane Eyre, on the cover, bitch in latex with a gun.
How do you view the current problem is that people do not buy music but the download? Do you think that you guys are preparing for a living?
Klempa: If someone indicate that they deserve for their work, no money, so that you regret. But the technology is such that it will not do anything.
Cole: But if he does it narrows, there is certainly ušlej profit. But there are also other non-quantifiable impacts. When the album downloads 100,000 people talking about you, click on your buy Your video goes to buy Your concerts ... there is a huge complex tvýho circulation inside your culture. The money can přitéct of fyzickýho carrier or from lucrative partner.
Klempa: To podepisuju. But I do not download films.
Cole: Me too. But I'm addicted to the substance. I love to have the library, I love ... u have Cinematheque film does a nice collector's edition, when you buy a movie from Morneaua and you have to stostránkovej booklet and book with esejema.
Klempa: I meet sleeve notes on vinyl.
Cole: Vinyl is beautiful. There you have the desktop, and that's what Good Read ... will you marry the publication in which you can read this ... I do not say but what is good and what is bad, just me I like it that way. I'm terribly but Naser, when someone issues a CD digitally.
Which is the case for the new U2.
Cole: Well, but it is still a guerilla me it has infiltrated into the iPhone - one day I wanted to play some songs and I was there Bona. This is modern terrorism!
Apple bought it from them and gave them over to 100 mega dollars and stuffed it through iTunes all that they have an account. You can do about nothing.
Klempa: Islamic state would do something spoiled now. -korán's No iPad!
Cole: The difference is in quantity. The music that you can download once and cram into the player for free, is plenty. When I saved money on this CD, so I focused on the music differently. It's like a once a year buy a whore, so half a year before you can browse journals if it will brunette or blonde ... I will be there to expectations, the horniness, which is an integral part of the perception of the work. And the moment that you like next to each other everything and got it in the žlutejch windowsovskejch folder, there is a problem.
Klempa: Dan Barta arrived from Australia and once said: so I took photos of dragonflies and one day I came to the big city may need to Adelaide, where they had a concert Snoop Dog, Eminem. Huge show. By calling at those two huge muscle cars, one with čepicema kids jumped and went to party, then fotříci, had a cígo, kids jumped back into the pickup and drove home. Because do not believe anyone through 30th Take it that people are fully engaged in the work, and believe that if it's responsible work, so that the system is free from capitalist competition you get and what you do there. So you come home sometimes and 9 instead of listening to some records, you still have to do. Here is the third leg on which we stand. They go to the concert, there can vybláznit, have a drink, the output by face there ...
Cole: So it's more like a therapy session than a cultural experience.
Klempa: Yeah, we actually therapists.
James, when you need to compose music deal ever and that is where the sampl if it belongs to somebody?
Cole: Well, I've never really nesamploval. I once read an interview with the Yanks some who say let people compose their own music that they are prepared for royalties and bonuses, and somehow I've grown fond of. Plus there is the ethos of the creator. Otherwise, here it never really addressed.
Klempa: The first CD JAR, in the ninetieth first, we vysamplovali two words from James Brown. In the Monitor to let nutty pro, who's now that we should write to James Brown. That's why I wrote that a good day, a reply was received by fax turnover: money. Pay.
Cole: Well, here we simply do not pay. Here is charged. Everything, whether it be from Gott anywhere since the sixties, are basically covert coverversions.
Klempa: I grabbed a clearing butterfly ... fuck. Pay. But then it also developed the typical phenomenon vtipnejch meaningless and nothing nekritizujících texts. It was all so nicely allusive, and it will do today hold in it Popik like shit shirt.
I read an interview along the way here, and there wrote that James Cole is terrible sexist. How to come, and what's the truth?
Cole: Well, I guess it came from a terribly deep analysis of my texts, should be sent to me nějakýho Freud. I always struggled to cope with the pressure. Rap is a very sexist thing tuned, especially the modern one. Sex is the last of the magic that the West remained. Everything else is fucked, and it is the only one who resists.
Klempa: What is sexism? You hate women?
Cole: Sexism is incendiary and a box of persecution. Someone filter my views through stereotypes. I sex in their songs deal with a lot of study it, but I do not know ... it Saudek sexist?
Klempa: It is good that someone like that Freud sent to us. Like, "Do not hesitate, zabodávej my Superpéro", they dance to the guy and feminine stojej as Zarezan. We simply popichujem, the next album will be a song called Zhublas.
The strange thing is that in South Africa's nobody takes it seriously, and James Cole nadávaj.
Cole: That's just about what your packaging. When playing a jazz band and they've got Mr. dragonflies, so it can not offend anyone. Then there booted rozkvákaná fat frog, which is gloomy and it looks like it's really serious ...
Klempa: Bejvávaly times that Viktořík bought before the concert bagel and a narwhal it to Cuban kahlot. In the middle of the concert crumbled sausage and began to fall with those zvonama down.


Do you make music that is already de facto part of the mainstream?

Cole: When hip-hop started, it was a completely different thing than now. The thing is growing and changing. It started as a revolution and discontent, have had to charge a ball. It was a subculture.
Klempa: Just like the house began to marginalized people who had nothing to do. It was a social rebellion. Nobody wants us, so we'll be there to pump what it gives.
Cole: Hiphop was closely propojenej socio political situation. And today it became a mouthpiece of the toughest and most brutal capitalist consumerism. The charge that it had been ingested, whether it was a record company or advertising agency.
Klempa: The corporate structure has learned. They'll employ you do not have time to rebel. Here rebel Okamura. What do you want to rebel against, if you need corporations as sponsors, so that you can keep playing? Before the queue for bananas, now queue for pracák.
Cole: There's a great on the organic functioning of capitalism is that he can do anything to turn into a commodity. This means that even rebellion and revolution. He can fit into each other and what he opposes. In addition, modern rappers so internalized belonging to some kind of brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, without them we sponsorship or that they were established. Use it in refrains as supporting phrases Versace Versace Versace. The modern hip-hop music videos have become a showcase.
When we talk about capitalism and its ability to neutralize counter-opinions, I feel that the criticism of capitalism as a whole.
Cole: It the problem with the word criticism is that today the word has a pejorative tinge. It was originally analysis mindset that let to stop any good and bad that things looked and researched. But today, when you criticize something, it means that you open your mouth to pussy.
Consider yourself a person who protests against the system? You're still striking, even though it's not the automatic creation kulometového type uncensored?
Cole: Hey, it's a problem. We've done it Supercroo board and we thought revolts and protest, and we were feted. What do you do with this?
Klempa: If you protest, you're a moron and gregarious type. Every creator sees how much has around různejch parasites. So inevitably starts to protest, either internally NEB extensively. Must choose the irony, hyperbole, sarcasm, humor, or you choose a serious platform. It must be specific but that it had some impact. Mega slap in general.
Cole: This is my protest sign, u Which one interests me what is hidden underneath. If the protest-led resentment, malignity, and leads to the fact that someone is pissed that does not have something, and at the moment, if you get it, it became it, protesting against what, so it would be odd for me . But this kind of protest is confused with critical that tries this way to map the situation.
Klempa: Then protest of municipal type because Pavel Bem is tunneller a thief, so we go to the square and sing a song protibémovskou. Klak 30 people, shoot it, puts on youtube ... For me it does not matter.
Cole: This form of protest, that look on your face that you produce a revolution that protestuješ ... it has become a part of pop culture canon th, which is absolutely čšílený. And while the protest is in the final bezzubej exactly like this. In the finals, the good sons and handsome grandsons are in the finals ... it's like you're mocking my grandmother and Prudil her and she will during that dinner was served.
So how does she really look like a revolt? When each disqualified early on that it makes part of the system itself?
Klempa: Fucking establishment deserves just enough kick in the ass. That's how I tell you.
There is one group of people who nekolaborujou system, and it sou teknaři. Those nekolaborujou.
Cole: You still looking for a unitary stream, who could it rolled across the front of him.
I'm looking for even small groups, and individuals.
Cole: And it seems to me that such groups is a lot. Whether they are writers, academia ...
Klempa: They're all hackers, those who instead of money they want to go to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is kopanej korporacema and government and establishment shit right from left, because bojej. That they can not stand the feeling that if you have money, are not covered with gold, but the impulsion of magnetic field lines in metal crate somewhere in Hong Kong. That's it. And those revolting groups are clouds.
Cole: I have on this classic Foucauldian answer that resistance can lead only through multiplication pockets of resistance. You must revolt at dinner, at work, everywhere somehow set rebellious edge. It's not enough that you go to a demonstration there to wave the banner and then go home.
I have a friend who's over a week maka, snorting, booze, and every weekend is suitable to rest outside Prague, his mother has a house there, there he reads a book and call it "Zen Garden". What is your Zen garden? How do you relax you?
Klempa: She did. What you described is the ability to enjoy a quiet weekend. To me somehow missed. As a fatal neurotic I do not have.
Cole: I got it similarly. I do not know what it means to relax. Constantly I see a lot of issues, always something happening. I am unable to relax, I'm laden with books, his head, and in the end it does not matter where your head is positioned. I was up so I poured out somewhere and stare.
Klempa: Maybe once in a while in the evening when I go to bed and close my eyes while you open the display.
Cole: Most relax would be, if I did not answer the phone and respond to emails and just let Facebook and things like that.
I agree - ever since I stopped taking your tablet to bed, I sleep much better. Thanks for the interview!