Secret Code 420 - in the footsteps of history (2.)

It's difficult to find what to do with 420 different numeric expression and compare them. 411 or 911? Lucky 7? Devilish 666? 3 God? Sexual 69? Or tragic 9/11 or LSD-25? Or even infinite 3.1416? While these numbers are significant, they never not express what is reflected in the community numbers around 420.


In various documents you will find many "surprises" about 420. However, the surprising evidence does not necessarily provide new information. Startling evidence is when you bring new light to our knowledge. Everyone but inwardly feel that 420 is a very special number. My goal is to find and explain some of the "evidence" for their special status as an idea and awareness of marijuana. And I went through a lot of information and talked to many "420 smokers."

"Secret Code" is very important for achieving its own identity. In fact, it is essential and necessary method to achieve any identity. And if its use takes place with friends or family, the achievement of this identity is more likely.

Widely discussed story says that a group of teenagers in San Rafael, California, who called Waldos, according to Steve Waldo, who used the phrase "420 Louie" in high school. Waldo used it as a secret code to remind friends to meet for a smoking session at the Louis Pasteur statue, 70 minutes after the 03:10 dismissal. Waldos designated as a meeting point, a statue of Louis Pasteur, because it is located in a park near their San Rafael High School, and 16:20 as their meeting time. Waldos referenced in this plan "secret code" by "4:20 Louis". Ultimately shorten his sentence simply "4:20", which ultimately evolved into a code word that means marijuana or smoking in general.

Own "code 420" apparently originated on the basis that one of Hulice learned about it from "good friends in the army," who "introduced him 4:20 in 1620 as an alternative to military time." He explained that "it has become part "Crew" by hitting 420, "or that he learned about it, and thus can" share marijuana with new friends. "

As one of the first lessons rookie it was that he learned what is the meaning of 420 that insider something like "universal" or "international symbol" for marijuana, weed and marijuana subculture, but it is also a "secret code" or " advertiser secrets. "Smokers about tells a comic story, such as when a high school teacher asked the student what time it was and he told him," 420 ", sparking laughter in the group of classmates and confusion at his teacher.

Another smoker explained that "secret" number 420 allowed that high school student could have to this community of marijuana reported unnoticed faculty. Another described that enabled them to carry glaring symbols of marijuana to school (420 written on hats, shirts, etc.), Without encountering negative sanctions, as would be the case, they were wearing obscure symbols, such as leaf marijuana. Other then it turned out that 420, as a secret code allowed them to safely and accurately identify others who smoke marijuana.

For example, one smoker explained, "The 420 is like a secret and a good way to keep the" hidden card "under which they smoke." These are all interesting evidence because the mystery and humor are very effective means for tightening their own group. Secrets and created a social boundary between outsiders and insiders, and the insiders felt to be closer together. Humor, at least for those who work on it, increased the feeling of relaxation and "the sun in the soul." Together, mystery and humor developed a closeness, commitment and group solidarity.

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