Krav Maga: a comprehensive self-defense by Michala Otipka

---GOOGLE TRANSLATE--- Michal Otipka instructor cows Magy, one of the toughest martial arts in the world. Although business operates in a completely different business - say a harmonious relaxed - cows magu perceives as a matter of contributing to peace of mind. "It's like yin and yang," he adds with a smile věčnýým.

But the problem he's obviously not. The trade rebounds in a gym, meanwhile, still chasing teach at the college. Everything, however, began sometime in college. He had a lot of athletics, but in college it just muddies. "Enough've put on me and I was waning back muscles," says Michal and remembers how the two months preparing for exams - in bed. "The doctor told me if I wanted to have back problems, whether you start practicing. Since childhood I wanted to try martial arts, so I went into it. "
Judo, Jiu-eat, kickboxing ... Michal tried it all, but he searched further. Krav Maga had (and has) the reputation of the most effective defense system, and because he was always more to comfort than to be fought, stayed with it. "A normal person is able to learn cows magu a very short time. Unlike other martial arts krav maga is sophisticated, complex and elaborate - and especially it is practically usable. It gives people guidance on the handling of all situations that relate to self-defense - family problems about krav maga is resolved. "But I have to think about what you can afford - krav maga has a reputation as the toughest martial arts, which can kill.
According to Michal, however, there is another krav maga for soldiers and other civilians, "You can not because of a trivial quarrel man right down. Krav maga but gives you a wide variety of options - from the hardest on one pole to the softest on the other pole. It's like knowledge of the language: what I have wider vocabulary and the more I can express it, the better express their impressions and feelings, and the more I have a chance to convince the other in the debate. Except for the fact that this debate is not verbal but physical. "Civil krav maga is also varied: still in the army, it is often either / or, whereas normally when you go to the pub and someone starts to flow, you can push him away, pacified, or escape - it is recommended Michal Otipka frequently. "The basic principle always is: if you can, zdrhejte. That hurts the least, and it's going to do a hundred times in a row and still works just as well. It is best to avoid the problem, and if he can not avoid and resolve it quickly disappear. "Sometimes it does not work, and then shall enter the emergency option. "There are situations where a good word has been settled and there is nowhere to run. It sounds awful and inhumane but if the attacker will not pacify, it's at the expense of your safety. Example: You have a house, sleeping with his wife and children on the first floor, you hear a noise downstairs, so go there and načapáme thieves. He pulls a knife on me, I had the knife going out of hand, I'll take him a chair, he falls to the ground and then what? Get out and run away? I'll wait until it pulls out some other weapon? Or take the chair and give him two more? I'm not a primitive when you choose the last option. It is his safety against my safety. But do not forget that we are talking about defense. In such a situation can get - and occasionally gets - everyone. "
And each course can also learn to respond this situation. Prague walks into groups of all ages, from children who were not yet ten, to seniors with six crosses on his neck. "Of course the children practiced differently," says Michal. "The goal is to maintain a childhood as possible. Krav maga them but helps develop psychomotor skills, children learn to move, dodge, punch and kick ... you have to prepare for it, to know how to assess a situation, to know that before they go to pass so they look around, they should not talk to strangers people when someone somewhere is going to have to pull and shout for help when someone is going to bother him away when someone is hurt weaker to stand up for him ... on the other hand, we must also participants who are over sixty years. Also, it must be fun, too, eager to learn and to put into real self-defense framework - pensions, although not much, but even those they may want to pick someone. Krav maga is truly universal defense for everyone. "
Michal Otipka But can all learn. Soldiers, special forces, cops, completely normal boys and girls. Training methods and basis are similar, applications will of course vary. And it also depends on what people expect from it. Someone wants to keep fit, someone wants to defend and anyone can once again be very aggressive - that martial arts attract all sorts, the thing known. Here is but Michal Otipka clear: if you're a Nazi or ultra-leftist, cow magu forgets. If you do not have a criminal record, or do not bother to go. "The policy of letting the door," says Michal resolutely. "In addition, although most martial arts are contact sports, which attracts these types, there we have that contact considerably less. First you have to learn movement, reaction, sparring situations ... come later. "
So if you are interested, so Come and see!