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Around sexuality, whether in the plane itself or reproduction quality intimate experience, also found a lot of conflicting views constantly confirmed by the various investigations. Mostly to reduced sperm motility is natural aging men.
Sperm abnormality related to the way cannabis use, therefore smoking. The negative effect of cannabinoids on sperm germ cells has been demonstrated. Some types of infertility may be caused by defects of cannabinoid receptors.

Pay could therefore, that long-term cannabis smoking, even though it has aphrodisiac effects, aggravates the potency of men.

Petra (28): "When I lived with nehuličem, so weed faded. Decreased if he's the limit and I'm not, but I never stopped and I said that will not stop. Sex on weed is very good, definitely cool !!! "" I can confirm that, "he adds convincing her friend sitting at the computer. "It's an aphrodisiac, but when vyhulí partner 10 joints, so it's not good !!!"


Long-term effects of taking
Smoking marijuana apparently contributes to more rapid onset of schizophrenia in individuals who could just as after a certain time manifested. Likewise, states such as restlessness, anxiety and panic, disorientation to madness, indolence, nedospalost at abstinence, then crying, psychosis, personal resignation or disincentives, the conclusion is more into himself up siding with the surroundings and the change in value rankings, but not generally for each user .

Petra (28): "I was optimistic, even before I started to smoke. One must primarily want to get myself out depressed. Sometimes it just helps the community. Hull me to calm down. Oblivious to the bad conditions of the reefer I have depression, but rather, when I am not well, so to me it helps weed. People around me are half and half Hulice and nehuliči. I do not resolve it and I think I talk to those with the most. The values, I think I still have the same, those we carry through breeding, thanks to the parents. And as laziness concerns before I started smoking ganja, so I could not keep sitting on the second place, helped me to heal my hyperactivity and gets me into normality. "" I can confirm again, "comes again from the PC's boyfriend. "It stopped me. The main purpose why I use hemp is relaxing, stop throughout the day or if you will, even during the day. Last six months we have spent with my friend around CZK 10,000 per month for reefer, 5 g to 2 days. It's too much, we reduced it by half. Not argue when the reefer is, but my guess is largely due to dusts. It would certainly solve growing, it is our dream to build a house, and in summer we want to grow outdoor and indoor winter in Growbox, but it will be up to the house and also of course to be growing even completely decriminalized, and not such a mockery of today. Drops relations with dealers when shopping and still you know what you're packing. "

Sasha (29): "I had anxiety and depression, but it was secondary mental states, which stemmed from physical convulsions. Physically, I was not feeling well. Lots of people brings bad state that it has a bad person already inside. Everyone has a totally different effect of cannabis and one should be sensible enough to know what it is worth and what is not. "Of course, that cannabis has on the psyche of the user changes the state of consciousness, because it uses too! THC-bound fat man saved even though last weeks or months does not affect the functioning of body organs besides the brain, which discovers new ways. For some, cannabis remains in the body for so long on purpose, because it is God's herb and has its own deities. THC is not soluble in water, so water passes. The water-soluble contrast lot of substances that may be harmful. Just by reefer metabolized in fat, it's an individual thing and it depends on how each of those fat spreads. It may not even be on the psyche, but of absorption of fats, unlike water-soluble drugs that are absorbed directly and more quickly.

Visual hallucinations are rare and the cause is just extremely strong species of cannabis or cannabis used in food. But these experiences are intense and last for a very short time compared to other drugs, must be strictly hallucinogens, such as LSD or magic mushrooms. When really large doses can detect changes visual and auditory perception in passing illusion and richly colored pseudohalucinace. Unlike real hallucinogens and alcohol do not interfere with self-control.

Petra (28): "When I use cannabis, so I'm much, more normal 'than when I should be able to control a state of intoxication. Drunk telling crap uninhibited, and still is awfully scream, I shout, and then they are out of blunders and grasping at his head, and I am ashamed. "

Sasha (29): "When the friends going into speech so many times I do not believe that I nehulil with them, or that I'm not on anything. I think that I'm still tripping, because with them perfectly souzním. Hallucinogens just gave me experiences that are repeatable and without them, because later today I do not have even a need to smoke. Of course, it's not one loose cannon ', but it just affects some experience, perhaps the perception of music that I listen always the same, but she devoted less. Now, the more I deal with reality. "

For someone cannabis allows the intense concentration that can be directed toward the development of imagination, or even towards spiritual practices often associated with certain values and lifestyles. This may be connected with certain musical styles and philosophies, or simply recreational use in a closed society.

Petra (28): "Sometimes I stoned university formed, and I wrote."

Jana (30): "What is making is concerned, does not add anything to anybody. Whoever had something given, and it is a tool for further development, but who does nothing in itself, it's also not add anything. "

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