Míra Kmínek: Wandering around cannabis clubs in Europe (1.)

---GOOGLE TRANSLATE--- SPAIN: We visited for you private clubs, where no ID cards get a club member or just to guarantee a VIP member.


When visiting the town of Morro Jable, where is beautiful about 5 kilometer long beach of fine sand, we also visited the local to the town, which is more like the interconnection of several large hotels than the city. We met there, but also local residents, of which there is quite a lot and are in complete ease. Of course, not without an interview.

Me: "Hi, baby? You look good, how are you? "
Cat "Meow, meow, here are all the cats well!"
Me: "How is it going to work?"
Cat: "We occasionally postrašíme a mouse, but we do not eat them."
Me: "So, according to pelt you do not miss anything."
Cat: "Not really, fed us here from the hotels, tourists, fishermen, and El Capitan. "
Me: "Who's that? Some kind of a sailor? "
Cat: "No, some of the foundations of Europe."
Me: "Oh, how you take care of you?"
Cat: "We've made some dens in parks, especially against the sun, wear us water and granules."
Me: "And so that you wrote down, so you have a bit of ucvaknutý ear?"
Cat: "No, it's after the surgery, I will never have to worry about kittens."
Me: "Yeah, I understand that it will soon be no more than tourists, huh?"
Cat: "Yeah, something like that, but we do not mind occasionally
with some kittens appear, so it's fun. "
Me: "At home I have a cat and a cat too, but they only live in an apartment, do not go out."
Cat: "I would not enjoy, freedom above all else!"
Me: "You're right, what 'grass'?"
Cat: "Then do not buy too much."
Me: "I thought, here hemp."
Cat: "Ah, here you will find it here in pots on every third balcony, but I did not smell, I prefer fresh fish." ...
Me: "Go out to dinner, and hello friends kočičáky."
Cat: "You say hello to her, and I thank Miss for podrbání fur."

Visit Cannabis Social Club in Corallejo, a city in the north of the island of Fuerteventura. Own club is built on the first floor for commercial and residential complexes thereof. It was built as a private, which means that the club have access only to club members. And that was the first question to the president of the club, who introduced Josetxo.

President: "We currently have more than 700 active members, of which about a quarter are foreigners who have not denied the possibility of membership of the club. Club member can become everyone who fulfills the entry conditions. First of all, it is the age limit of 18 or 21 years, depending on the laws of the State from which it comes. Furthermore, acceptance of the terms for entry into the club and the conditions remain in it. "
Question: "A club membership is conditional on some charges?"
P: "Yes, join the club zpolatněn, but you can choose from three categories, one of which is life"
D: "I forgot the most important thing, when the club was founded?"
P: "The club was founded in 2010, but still not finished."
D: "You have a spacious club and ping-pong and pool of what you expand next?"
P: "We want to expand and build a terrace of another part, perhaps with a view of the sea."
D: "So, future plans missing?"
P: "The plan is much needed for the lab."
D: "It strikes me connected with medical cannabis? As you participate in this? "
P: "Yes, we are involved in particular the treatment of patients with hemp. Therefore, we cooperate with several doctors. From my experience I have no doubt about the healing effects. "
D: "Thank you for the interview and wish you much success and new members."
P: (smiling) "Yes, new members welcome, and can even come to you from the Czech".

Wandering around cannabis clubs in Europe (2.)