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Comments and opinions on the long-term use of cannabis ...


The following articles (to continue) to someone may seem schizophrenic, but that is the intent. But I do not know how else to achieve the objective of a balanced text, several issues and a lot of conflicting answers. Someone can text the following to remind chaos, confusion, and how is this text much, if any serious way reflect the most current information and research data renowned researchers. This confirms nothing but an individual page of the causes and consequences of long-term cannabis use.

Individual action and perception of cannabis is simply unfathomable, nezobecnitelné, which are illustrated below. Experience is just very individual. Man's birth gets some original assumptions. Effect on our state has the frequency of use, method of preparation, the quality of plants, dose, method of application (should we talk about taking cannabis suppositories which are without any negative effects on the organism), environment, etc.

The text is accompanied by commentaries of people who responded to some claims. They are all people around the thirtieth year of life. I tried to capture the spectrum of intense consumer through occasional to the abstinujícího, I could confront their experiences with those of the general dogma and cons that circulate public.
The commentary was provided by the following people: Petra, 28 years old, cannabis permanently from his 23 years. He was first tried out in 17 years, teaches kindergarten. Jana, 30 years old, does not use cannabis, but a couple of times with him and came into contact with daily moves in the company of cannabis. It translates from English, German, Slovak, Hungarian and Croatian. Sasha, 29 years old, formerly a permanent member not only cannabis but also hallucinogens and alcohol, now more than five years of abstaining, studying brigadier.

Again, going back to the very beginning - the most common and the greatest danger of cannabis is the method of application, ie smoking, the worst and most devastating method of use (not only) of cannabis. Any smoking is carcinogenic, nuisance, reduces the amount of oxygen in the body like. Irritant gases formed during the combustion of the smoking causes cough and chronic bronchiolitis (inflammation of the bronchioles), bronchitis (bronchitis) as pulmonary emphysema (emphysema = loss of functional tissue voids) . Some components of smoke inhibits movement of the ciliary epithelium. This leads to accumulation of mucus in the lungs and assists inflammation. Inhaled hot air may cause persistent inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. This poses a risk of cancer. Also weakens the immune system. The risk of lung diseases including tuberculosis is higher. According to some data, the probability of cancer is 5 to 10 times higher than conventional smokers. Health marijuana leads to the acquisition of special filters or. vaporizers so. vaporizers.

Petra (28): "Joint smoke daily. As an option, so in the morning, but when the working day and after work, maybe tonight. Strictly distinguishes between the time when I can, and when not! My approach has never zevlácký but ritual, cult, and it was also social inclusion. From the beginning I had good people around me, what led me to not take just a pastime consumerism. They told me: 'You to smoke, but then do not make excuses that you're stoned, and that you did not want anything. I'd rather nehul! 'I do not smoke CIBA, and do not drink too much, sometimes wine, but I smoke weed, because it tastes good to me. "

Tobacco smoke causes irritation in the airways, which facilitates maintaining the isotope in the body. Marijuana turn, reduces irritation and does not contain these isotopes. It is possible that from this point of view smoking marijuana is safer than smoking tobacco. Marijuana but contains half as many cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco with which it is mixed frequently. Marijuana smoke contains more tar than tobacco smoke. Still failed to convincingly combine the only lung cancer with smoking marijuana. There are many studies that find that harmful smoke marijuana is much lower than that of tobacco smoke. The smoke is less harmful but only, not healthy! Damage to the body may be smaller, but always there.

A completely opposite view, totally different research and different look at the same thing: smoking marijuana suppresses asthma (but not cure). Thanks decongestants may help cannabis to their purification. Strong tobacco smokers live to be about seven to ten years longer than other smokers, if they also smoke marijuana.


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